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End to End
Supply-Chain Management

Our name says is all: We offer the "Full Gamut" of supply-chain management solutions for consumer brands that are established in other cannabis markets, or are taking their first leap into cannabis with a consumer brand. Without the significant investment in licensing and infrastructure, leverage or years of experience operating in the Michigan market and leverage our retail relationships to get product onto shelves.

Toll Processing

Our in-house solventless extraction capabilities allow us to provide the cleanest, full-plant, active ingredients such as food grade hash & rosin for ingestible products, and top shelf hash and rosin for the concentrate market.

Our close partners are here to provide the highest quality extracts for our clients from hydrocarbon, CO2, and other solvent-based methods, and offer our client preferable pricing based on our buying power.

Co-Packing & Co-Manufacturing

We work with retailers and out of state brands to provide manufacturing, packaging, labeling compliance, and fulfillment providing an easy and familiar pathway to getting their brands to Michigan consumers.

White & Private Labeling

No matter if you are bringing a completely new product and brand to market, or if you've already built a brand around an existing product, we have everything you need to produce state compliant cannabis products that are ready for the shelves.

Product Development
& Formulation

Are you creating a new and novel product? We have the experience to help you prototype, test, and develop products and formulations from cannabinoids from idea to production. 


Our distribution team has over 3 years of cannabis product sales and brokering for some of the largest and most well known brands in Michigan resulting in more than 7-figures in sales annually to more than 50% of retailers operating in Michigan. We leverage those relationships to get products onto retail shelves quickly.

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